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K. Saravana Kumar (Saran) started his India outsourcing company with a shoestring budget. His first employee was a MCA (Master of Computer Applications) programmer who he enticed to join his new company for a 1st month’s salary of $12 bus fare.

Saran and his new employee worked tirelessly to build a great reputation by developing projects for a popular outsourcing website where over 200,000 programmers bid on jobs. With their superior performance, excellent ratings and rapid turnarounds, the two man team soon became the #1 rated custom programming team for this outsourcing site.

Building on a fiercely loyal customer base and referrals from satisfied clients, the new company started establishing their own marketing, source of business and building teams of other programming experts.

The company rapidly grew to over $1.5 million annual sales and 90 programmers with a high tech facility on Chennai’s information highway in 6 years.  Amazing accomplishment for a business that started in a home with a $12 per month programmer and borrowed money for the company’s first domain.

By specializing in corporate systems and cutting edge technologies like Web 2.0 and API Coding,  The company gained a reputation for attracting and retaining the brightest minds from India’s world renowned engineering colleges.

What separates, API Coders from other India outsourcing companies is that a percentage of programmers are dedicated to developing in-house projects following the latest trends in programming and marketing.

Cutting edge systems are developed and tested before there is a demand from the general Internet population. With in-house projects as their learning curve, programmers become familiar with new software and techniques. 

When Web 2.0 was getting a lot of buzz on the web, a team was assembled to develop IndiaShines.com. IndiaShines.com is a Web 2.0 social networking site for India showcasing the high level skills of API Coders.  Much like the start of Yahoo and Google, IndiaShines.com was demonstrated at well known India colleges to create a viral spread of this social network as members encourage other members to join.

API Coders’marketing team learns how to market websites from an entrepreneur’s perspective which gives them the skills to advise clients on PR, marketing and trends that are worth considering.  Our customers can be ahead of the curve when it comes to new trends.

Corporate clients use diverse tools, software and systems such as Windows, Linux, Ajax, Corporate API’s, SOAP PHP, .NET, ASP, Ruby on Rails, Word Press, MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases.  The long list would be impossible for any one programmer to stay current.

API Coders has teams of experts to support diverse software and platforms.  The team leaders have been with the company for years so they are able to support emerging technologies plus each client’s legacy systems using older technologies.  Also, API Coders’ team leaders work with each other when a system needs experts from cross-disciplines.

Whether you need a simple web map or a complete Web 2.0 solution, API Coders has a team of programmers with the expertise to see your project to completion. Contact API Coders for a quote today.