Imagine the power of knowing the mind of every person visiting your website.

Do you often wonder if a certain font, graphic or design is a good choice? Is your advertising copy turning off potential customers? Imagine the power of knowing the mind of every person visiting your website


What if you could run two versions of the same page and learn that 10% of your visitors ordered with one version of ad copy vs another? How much more would you earn over the lifetime of your website with the more effective ad copy?

"Google Analytics Takes the Guesswork Out of Your Website Decisions"

Google Analytics is a service that offers traffic measurement, interactive reporting, tracks visitor behavior, analyzes visitor navigation and much more. If you use this tool properly, it will help you convert more visitors into customers.


There are two ways you can make site design improvements — you can guess based on what you think would improve your site, or you can simply analyze the data and know the truth. Which one sounds better to you?


"Now here’s the best part — Google Analytics is free!"

Google Analytics makes it easy for you to gain the necessary insight to improve both your site’s content and design. Even better . . . all this code that until recently would have cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars per month is now free


You have the ability to track conversion data, analyze visitor behavior and isolate elements on your website that stop visitors from coming back. Once you have this valuable information about what ads, keywords and search engines are bringing in visitors who meet your goals, you know where to spend your advertising dollars.

"Google Analytics is especially important if you are using Google Adwords"

Remove the guesswork. Google Analytics will track your costs from all of your Adwords campaigns. You will be able to integrate conversion information which will give you the highest return on investment from your Google Adwords campaigns.


Installing and using Google Analytics is seamless and unnoticeable by visitors who come to your website. It will not affect the appearance or performance of your website. You just paste Google’s code at the bottom of the pages you want to track.


The data generated by Google Analytics is stored on a secure server, using secure socket layer technology. This means that you and your visitor’s information is secure.


"Want to Offer a Service Analyzing Website Traffic?"

Most of the time, the consumer version of Google Analytics is more than adequate for the average website owner. However if you want to provide a web service analyzing Google Analytics data or automate complex analysis of Google’s data for hundreds of websites, Google offers a Google Analytics API which expert API programmers use to program services and provide in depth automated research.


Google’s Analytics API is free. The heavy lifting of coding and error testing the base system has already been accomplished by Google. You only pay an API programmer to customize Google Analytics for your requirements. An API Coder plus Google’s Analytics API can produce amazing profitable and marketable solutions.


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