Real Estate Law Firm SOAP API Case Study
Problem Defined

5,200+ manual property searches per month were performed in Fidelity National Title Insurance’s Title Policy system by a National Real Estate Law Firm with 60+ offices. Finding Fidelity policies to base property title on significantly reduced this firm’s title costs.


However, the firm’s title employees had to manually login to Fidelity’s Title Policy System, enter property information and view the results. Manual searches were time consuming and open to entry errors.


To avoid double entry, this law firm wanted a way to use the property address information already available in their real estate title system.

API Coders’ SOAP API Solution
Software and Systems Used in Solution

Fidelity National Title Insurance FNF SOAP API  -  Softpro Real Estate Microsoft SQL Database -  .NET Custom Application



The law firm used Softpro’s Real Estate Closing System. However, the Softpro System doesn’t have a title order tracking module.


Years ago API Coders’ designed a MS SQL Real Estate Title System for this law firm. All orders already passed through our custom code to normalize the data before being accepted into our title portal.


Fidelity has a FNF SOAP API which allows access to all their title policies. All that was needed was a way to take all the orders as they were being sent to the title system from Softpro and automatically check the Fidelity Title System using their FNF SOAP API for policy availability.


If a policy was available, a colored icon is set to visually notify the title department. One click of the icon and all Fidelity PDF title policies matching the property are displayed.


Since policies become available constantly on Fidelity’s FNF Title Policy System, an icon was placed on reports to do one click real time title policy searches using the title system’s property information. No manual entry is required to search for a property address.


Additional API Systems Programmed For This Real Estate Law Firm

Google Maps API – Real Time Office Locations and Photos From Microsoft  SQL database

Google Local Business Listings XML API - Office Information with Office Photo Feed from Microsoft SQL Database

US Postal System – Address Verification API fed from .NET form



SOAP API Solution Benefits

With an automated solution, the cost of running real estate titles is reduced further. Employees are able to focus on processing orders quickly. The real estate law firm was able to expand offices without increasing staff.


Software and Systems Used in Additional API Coders’ Solutions

Real Estate Escrow Account Real Time Wire System – one click matches Softpro Real Estate Closing wire requests with Real Time Suntrust and Wachovia Wire Feeds. The system processes $500 million dollars in wire transactions monthly.

Real Estate Title Order and Backchain Database – processes and tracks 3,500+ title orders per month. One click display
for 200,000+ Title Images using Aquatiff Tiff and PDF server. Title images can be annotated with stamps and notes.

Custom scripts To Monitor Suntrust / Wachovia Bank Feeds – data is parsed from feeds to a Microsoft SQL database in real time.

Bar Coded PDF Title Orders - dynamic PDF order forms generated from Microsoft SQL database using PDFLib

Automated Bar Code Processing of Faxed Title Searches – notification to offices of title completion plus
our code optimizes images to reduce disk storage space

Automated Daily PDF and Excel Reports Sent Via Email To Management

Web Based MS Word Letterhead and Fax Cover Sheets Generated Dynamically From Microsoft SQL database

Custom Softpro Crystal Reports – complex management reports are displayed based on user rights.

SQL 2005 Reporting System – complex management reports combine information from proprietary databases and
Softpro databases. Data is displayed based on user rights.

Corporate Messaging Portal – management reports and internal communications concerning real estate closing files