Does Your Website Need Photos?

Photographs quickly add interest to a site. However, the cost of royalties and custom photography would quickly destroy the budgets of most websites.


Now the photos of hundreds of thousands of photographers may be available to you with Flickr’s API (Application Programming Interface). Please read Flickr’s Terms of Use to make sure that your site meets the requirements to use Flickr’s photos.


Case Study: Travel Site’s Flickr Photo Geographical Mashup

Amore Travel Guides needed a way to show photos of Italy geographical locations to add color and interest to the site.

API Coders used Flickr’s API combined with user contributed Amore photos to mashup images for Italy cities. Click here to see our API Coder custom mashup for Cinque Terre.


Flickr’s requirements are very reasonable. Some of the main requirements are that you can’t sell Flickr photos or claim their photos as your own. Every photo that you use must link to Flickr and clearly attribute the member who provided the photo. You can’t put more than 30 Flickr photos on your page, store Flickr’s photos or use an unreasonable amount of Flickr’s bandwidth.

What is the cost of Flickr’s API?

Sounds too good to be true but Flickr’s API code plus the non-commercial use of their photos is free. Flickr foots the enormous bill of hosting, developing their API code and serving images to websites.

To access Flickr’s free API resources for your programming project, all you need is an expert API coder to build custom applications. Your imagination is the only limit.

Are there any drawbacks to using Flickr’s Photo API?

Yes. Flickr can change their Terms of Service at any time. At some point, they may charge for their API or service. However, at this point in time, Flickr offers hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of code and photo databases for free to the average web owner.


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