Do you have an API (Aplication Programming Interface) programming project?

Usually API projects require expertise in various programming languages with support from graphic designers. Larger projects require load balancing and search engine optimizaiton.


API Coders is an India outsourcing company with over 90 programmers trained in PHP, .NET, ASP, API’s and Javascript. Our programmers, server experts and designers work in teams to provide solutions for your project.

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Option # 1 - Hire A Programmer For 1 Day $ 180 Per Day = 10 hours of programming @ $18 per hour

Hiring a programmer for the day is how many of our customers start using our services. You can test the waters with a small low risk project. and see how we do. If you are like most of our custoemrs, one day often leads to larger projects or hiring us by the month.

Option # 2 - Hire A Programmer For $ 2,400 per month = 200 hours of programming @ $12 per hour

Hiring by the month is a favorite with clients who have ongoing programming requirements. API Coders oversees websites, performs monthly maintenance tasks and develops projects with continual enhancements. You have a full time programmer to handle your daily tasks and emergencies.

Option 3 - Hire a Programmer By The Project For a Fixed Fee

If you can clearly define what you want API Coders to program, provide us with specifications and your design requirements. We will respond with a fixed quote which will help you budget for your project.


Depending on your time frame and requirements, we can assign a programmer or a whole team of programmers to your project.

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API Coders has a successful track record of hundreds of completed projects. We have numerous examples of solutions that we have provided for clients who are willing to share their experiences with our company.Contect us today to discuss your programming project.