Does Your Company Use Free or Low Cost SOAP API Services Offered By Major Websites?

Every day savvy business owners use SOAP API’s to use the programming and data resources offered by many Fortune 500 companies. These resources can add sophisticated features to even mom and pop home based websites.


Case Study: Real Estate Law Firm Uses SOAP API For 1 Click Access to Title Policies

A real estate law firm had to manually look up 6,200+ title policies per month. They wanted to automate the process.

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Fortune 500 companies invest millions on programmers, data centers and systems.

The very good news to website owners is that many of these corporations will provide a blueprint for using their technology for free! 


Why do they give away their techonologies?  They do this to increase brand recognition, customers, sell more products or increase advertising revenue. 


With a little bit of SOAP API magic, a 10 dollar per month hosted server in rural Missouri can legally retrieve free information from a Fortune 500 data center literally thousands of miles away in the blink of an eye.

Recognize these logos on the left?

We have provided some of the most recognizable companies offering SOAP API’s and links to their developer information. If we gave you the full list, the list would fill pages.


If you are a programmer, their developer information will make sense. If you aren’t, it will sound Greek but that is where API Coders comes in. We specialize in using these documents to unlock the door to you for the services being offered.

What can you do with SOAP API’s?

Small businesses as well as billion dollar corporations use SOAP API’s every day. You probably have used SOAP API’s without even realizing it.


Ebay SOAP API - get up to the minute information about Ebay auctions and popular items. Analyze Ebay auction data.


Amazon SOAP API - use Amazon as the source of inventory for your website. Combine your inventory with Google Adwords API for automatic control of your campaigns.


PayPal SOAP API - provide credit card checkout services.


Here is a little secret known to web owners who use API’s . . . even if you visit Amazon and Ebay, you will never unlock the full competitive resources and marketing information that is behind the scenes and available only to those who use their API’s.


Amazon and Ebay provide sophisticated tools and information for those who know to ask. Their code lifts the curtain to show insiders valuable information. Without these API’s, you couldn’t do intensive market analysis and you could easily spend any profits you made just maintaining a sizeable niche store manually.


Knowledgeable competitors love to see the newbie affiliates struggle with manual sites because they are no competition.

As expert API Coders . . . we witness the business models of successful websites
  • Successful websites automate their businesses to make money while the business owners sleep
  • Successful websites use the free and low cost resources of corporate API’s to their advantage.
  • Successful websites outsource to the best programmers in the world to minimize their overhead

If you want to level the playing field, contact API Coder’s today. We have worked with corporations overseeing millions of dollars in sales as well as home based businesses.


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